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7 Minute Cloud Recovery


Our SLA Promises A 7 Minute Cloud Recovery

Many Cloud providers offer a SLA promising 100% up time, but then exclude all downtime related to essential maintenance, others only start the timer 15 minutes after the users has notified the IT Support team.

Cloudsourced.IT has Cloud and Onsite components

This service was created because it seemed that where businesses moved into the Cloud they were left to look after their local IT themselves. Frankly, our experience since 2001 suggests that most issues that impact on a Cloud user originate in the local network anyway. So we developed the Cloudsourced.IT service which provided predominantly Cloud infrastructure while also supporting the onsite equipment.

For our Cloud Services – The 7 Minute Recovery

Our SLA covers extended UK working hours. Within that period, we have systems and procedures to ensure that if there is a problem, we can resolve it quickly. Given our 99.5% SLA promise that translates to 7 minutes within working hours.

An SLA You Can Take To The Bank

If we don’t meet our SLA, we have a reimbursement policy for those users impacted.

For Onsite Equipment

Our SLA commits to having an engineer working on the onsite issue remotely within 2 hours of being alerted to the issue. Given that onsite equipment may need to be replaced from a third party, it is then outside our control.

Combine Cloud & Onsite IT Support with Cloudsourced IT Find out more!