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UK IT Support Team


Our UK based IT Support Team are brilliant

Each person on our London, UK based IT Support Desk has the goal of resolving your issue on the first call. At present about 85% of issues are resolved in this way.

First Line Support

With a service like ours, there are only a few things that can go wrong, and sadly the vast majority of them relate to the user’s computer rather than our service. Our team therefore are equipped with a number of standard solutions that in the majority of cases can resolve the issue quickly.

Second Line Support

Where an action taken by a user causes something unexpected to happen on our service, a senior engineer will get involved and work out both what has gone wrong and how to resolve it. All issues of this nature are then displayed on our ‘Service Status’ panel for users to read up on when they login.

Third Line Support

Typically, this is an issue where an external supplier is involved. For example if a user has been impacted by a bug in the software they are using, our engineers are unable to fix that until the software owner does. Where additional influence is required any appropriate person up to and including our CEO will get involved to get these issues resolved.

Telephone or Email

Users with an urgent issue can call into the IT Support Team and speak directly to a first line it support engineer. This line is currently on a premium number. Rather than charging everyone a fee for having access to telephone support, it was decided this was the most fair method. For less urgent issues, there is the option to alert our team and get the issues resolved using email. Both email and telephone support is monitored by the same team.

Remote or Onsite

Our IT support team have access to remote tools which in most cases will be sufficient to resolve users issues. Issues with the remaining onsite equipment can be dealt with directly by one of our engineers with an onsite visit.

Combine Cloud & Onsite IT Support with Cloudsourced IT Find out more!