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Hosted Exchange

Access hosted exchange from any device without having an Exchange server
Hosted Exchange For Your Team

Hosted Microsoft Exchange is the best way to equip your team to manage their productivity.

Comparing Exchange And Ordinary Email

With Exchange all your devices can have up to date email, calendar, contacts and to do lists. With ordinary email everything is stored on a specific device for example your desktop.

POP3 Simplified

Using ordinary email technology, if you respond to an email on your phone, it will only record that response on your phone. In the same way, if you add a calendar item on your desktop, it will only be available on your desktop. This can quickly get out of hand.

Hosted Exchange Simplified

All items are stored on our Exchange server. Each time your device gets connected to the Internet, it checks if anything has changed. So a response from your phone will be syncronised with our server and then updated to all your linked devices.

Hosted Exchange – Ditch The Server

Some companies have a physical server in the office managing their Exchange. It has to be purchased, maintained and supported. In comparison for a relatively low fixed monthly price per user, all users have access to Exchange without the need to buy, implement or maintain the Exchange Server. Genius!

Key Hosted Exchange Features

Here are the key features

Shared Calendars

Alongside their own calendar to help staff plan their day effectively, team members can share a calendar to ensure a syncronised team effort. Ensure staff know where members of the team are.

Shared Contacts

Rather than each person having their own list of contact details, Hosted Exchange allows groups to share their list of contacts.

Shared Email

Different users can share access to a common email Inbox. This is often useful for a generic email like

Shared Tasks

Maintain a team wide awareness of what needs to be done, who is responsible and when the deadline is.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Each user can have a range of personal email addresses including common misspellings of their name to ensure no important email slips through.

Managed IT & Cloud hosting services from Cloudsourced IT Find out more!